ExtremiFuse Hammertoe implant integrates OsteoMed’s established screw technology with an innovative quad barb design. Offered in two sizes at both 0° and 10°, this winning combination provides numerous advantages to both the surgeon and patient.

Self-drilling, self-tapping threaded implant provides easy insertion

  • Allows placement without a drill
  • Reduces force needed to fully place implant

Multiple points of cortical contact and rectangular design increase overall stability

  • Increase pull-out strength
  • Reduce dorsal/planter movement
  • Controls rotation

Cannulated implants assure accurate placement

  • Ability to check trajectory under fluoroscopy
  • Guide final implant placement

The universal instrumentation is held in a compact reusable tray. Interchangeable color
tabs make implant identification easy and
customizable so the tray can hold any implant configuration.

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