The OsteoMed Digital Surgical Planning service (DSP), allows surgeons to perform entire surgical procedures through a digital 3D environment.

  • Higher accuracy planning
  • Faster than creating splints in lab or on an articulator
  • Identify potential problems in surgical plan prior to surgery
  • Transfer digital plan to surgery with custom guides and models
  • Simulate osteotomies and bone movements
  • Predict soft tissue repositioning
  • Visualize occlusal planes
  • Compare pre-operative and post-operative results side by side
  • Superimpose stone models of the teeth over patient's anatomy

Surgical Splints

Surgical splints provides for the correct jaw positioning during surgery. We utilize the latest technology in 3D printing allowing us to provide accurate splints quickly.

Splint Options


  • DSP-001 Single or Double Jaw Orthognathic Procedure
  • DSP-004 Double Jaw Orthognathic Procedure with 2 or 3 part maxilla