The OsteoMed MFx system is designed to handle all mandibular trauma, elective procedures and reconstruction. With the same footprint as the OsteoMed CranioFacial Fixation system, it provides the ability to customize both the instrumentation and the plate and screw blocks, creating a truly modular system without excess hospital inventory.

Available blocks include:

  • 2.0mm fracture (standard)
  • 2.4mm fracture (standard)
  • 2.4mm reconstruction (standard)
  • 2.0/2.4mm angulated locking (additional)
  • 2.4mm reconstruction angulated locking (additional)

Each block houses the appropriate plates, screws, drills, drivers and templates.

Complementary Products
  • TCA

    The OsteoMed Temporary Condylar Attachment (TCA) System is a solid condylar head which attaches with fastening screws to an OsteoMed Locking Fracture Reconstruction Plate.

  • AutoDrive Screws

    OsteoMed's Auto-Drive® self-drilling screws are the only patented cruciform drive self-drilling screws available.

  • Orthognathics System

    The OsteoMed Orthognathics System is comprised of plates, screws and instrumentation used for standard orthognathic maxillary and mandibular advancements …

  • OMI Screws

    The OsteoMed OMI Orthodontic Anchor System is comprised of implants and instrumentation to provide a fixed anchorage point of attachment for orthodontic appliances …