The OsteoMed 2.0mm Orthognathic System is comprised of plates, screws and instrumentation used for standard orthognathic maxillary and mandibular advancements. The system features zygomatic and pyriform plates 0.8mm thick and BSSO plates 1.0mm thick. The system also features 2.0mm standard screws in lengths from 4mm to 18mm and 2.0mm Auto-Drive Screws in lengths of 4mm to 8mm. The emergency screws to be provided in the system are 2.4mm standard screws in lengths of 5mm to 16mm. The instruments include drill bits, plate bending forceps, plate holding forceps, plate cutters, cannulae, taps, and screwdrivers to facilitate the placement of screws and modification of plates.


  • Maxillary Plates are pre-shaped for passive adaptation to the buttress regions
  • Maxillary Plates are reversible allowing left or right side placement
  • Maxillary Plates provide maximum strength assuring stability for large advancements
  • Plate selection accommodates all multi-segment LeFort I pat terns
  • BSSO plates are designed to cover the full range of advance ments
  • 2.0mm screws for bi-cortical and mono-cortical applications

Complementary Products
  • CFx

    The OsteoMed CranioFacial Fixation tray (formerly, the M4 system) is our most inclusive system. It houses instrumentation in modular trays on the top level and a maximum of three plate and screw blocks on the bottom level …

  • AutoDrive Screws

    OsteoMed's Auto-Drive® self-drilling screws are the only patented cruciform drive self-drilling screws available.

  • OMI Screws

    The OsteoMed OMI Orthodontic Anchor System is comprised of implants and instrumentation to provide a fixed anchorage point of attachment for orthodontic appliances …