The OsteoMed Fast-Flap Cranial Flap Fixation System offers fast and simple fixation that produces superior aesthetic results. Fast-Flap also features OsteoMed's patented Auto-Drive™ screws that are effective in dense bone. These self-drilling screws eliminate the need for pilot drilling and can be driven manually or with the OsteoMed OsteoDriver or Auto-Driver battery powered screwdriver. Fast-Flap is a complete and cost effective solution for cranial flap fixation. OsteoMed also offers a low profile option for some of the 1.6mm Neuro plates. These low profile plates virtually eliminate palpability post operatively. The profiles of the OsteoMed 1.6mm low profile neuro plates are 0.25mm with the exception of P/N 218-0096 which is 0.30mm. The profiles of the OsteoMed 1.6mm standard neuro plates are 0.5mm.

  • Patented Auto-Drive self-drilling screws eliminate the need for pre-drilling
  • Low profile system virtually elminates palpability and produces superior aesthetic results
  • OsteoForm Mesh allows for contouring and three-dimensional bending without creasing
  • A complete, cost effective solution for cranial flap fixation

Complementary Products
  • Profile 0

    Profile Zero is an innovative addition to the OsteoMed Neurosurgical plating product offering. At .25mm plate profile, the system virtually eliminates patient palpability …

  • OsteoForm Mesh

    The OsteoMed OsteoForm Mesh offers strength and passive contour ability through innovative engineering. OsteoForm Mesh is available in pre-formed mesh and rigid …

  • Auto-Drive Screws

    OsteoMed's Auto-Drive® self-drilling screws are the only patented cruciform drive self-drilling screws available. These screws employ a cruciform drive head design, ensuring …

  • NeuroPack

    OsteoMed's NeuroPack offers nine sterile kit combinations for cranial flap fixation. All items are contained in one convenient kit, making implant selection quick and easy. The NeuroPack includes OsteoMed's patented Auto-Drive self drilling screws, which eliminate the need for pre-drilling . The NeuroPack also offers the thinnest plate profile available, 0.25MM.