The OsteoMed OsteoDriver is comprised of a sterile battery powered screwdriver, screw driver stems, taps, and drills.

  • Disposable design eliminates need for autoclaving and repairs
  • Torque and speed configured for ideal tactile sensation
  • Full range of accessories for 1.2mm, 1.6mm and 2.0mm systems
  • Collet design allows for instant adaptability of drilling or driving accessory
Complementary Products
  • Fast-Flap

    The OsteoMed Fast-Flap Cranial Flap Fixation System offers fast and simple fixation that produces superior aesthetic results. Fast-Flap also features OsteoMed's patented Auto-Drive™ screws that are effective in dense …

  • AutoDrive Screws

    OsteoMed's Auto-Drive® self-drilling screws are the only patented cruciform drive self-drilling screws available.

  • OsteoPower

    OsteoMed's innovative products are matched by the OsteoPower power surgical instruments that complement those products and make the work of the surgeon more efficient. …