OsteoMed's OsteoFlap was the first instrument-free cranial clamp system. Threaded stems allow infinite adjustability to accommodate fixation of various bone thicknesses. Instrument-free, sterile packaged, and ready-to-use makes OsteoFlap the most convenient and easy to use cranial clamp system on the market. The OsteoFlap system is comprised of a clamping device which has a threaded post attached to an inferior disk and a superior disk that threads down the post to secure a sandwich fit of the cranial flap and cranium between the inferior disk and the superior disk. Desired fixation is achieved by threading the superior disk down the threaded post and against the cranial bone by the surgeon using the tightening tool. These clamps are available in a range of sizes, 11mm, 17mm, and 22mm. Device is magnetic resonance (MR) compatible.

  • Flex-flanges for stability and adaptability
  • Threaded stem allows for infinite adjustability
  • Sterile component packaging
  • No instrumentation required