OsteoMed's OsteoVation Bone Void Filler is the next generation in calcium phosphate cement, fulfilling the requirements of surgeons for the routine clinical application of bioactive cementing technology. OsteoVation is biocompatible and remodels via cell-mediated processes in a mechanical stress-directed fashion, instead of dissolving away before bone infilling can occur as with first generation bone cements. OsteoVation is easy to mix, highly flowable, does not "wash-out" and is designed to set in a wet environment. OsteoVation can be manipulated post-implantation, giving surgeons the opportunity to refine their construction and allows for drilling and screw placement shortly after implantation. With improved tensile strength and intraoperative handling properties, OsteoVation is the most advanced bioactive bone void filler available to surgeons today.

  • Enhanced mechanical properties providing superior tensile and flexural strength
  • Improved intraoperative handling properties including the choice of impaction or injection
  • Allows for optional drilling and placement of screws
  • Remodels via cell-mediated activity
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