There are three OsteoMed Modular Motor Units available:

  • Hand Controlled Motor Unit (Uses a unique finger touch pad to control speed)
  • Lever Arm Motor Unit (LAMU) (Uses a traditional finger lever to control speed)
  • Series II Low Profile Motor Unit (For footswitch use only)
Complementary Products
  • Power Control Consoles

    The Power Control Consoles from OsteoMed are capable of independently operating two Modular Motor Units and are available with or without irrigation. User configurable …

  • Handpiece Modules

    There are six handpiece modules from OsteoMed available: …

  • Driver Modules

    The OsteoMed Wire/Pin Driver Module is unique in that it places and removes both K- wires and Steinmann Pins in one handpiece. The wire/pin size range is: 0.028" through 0.125". …