OsteoMed ExtremiFix Cannulated Screws Midsize Large

The ExtremiFix Midsize I Large Cannulated screw system offers screws in 4.5 mm, 5.5 mm and 6.5 mm thread diameters, multiple thread options and variety of lengths providing a wide range of options to treat multiple applications of the midfoot, hindfoot and ankle.

Screw Offering

Features and Benefits

The ExtremiFix Midsize I Large Cannulated Screws offers low profile headed and headless screw options. The screws feature self-drilling, self-tapping and reverse cutting flutes for ease of screw insertion and removal. The system's double lead thread design and Hexalobe driver allows for faster screw insertion and higher torque resistance without compromising the strength of the screw.

Reduction Tool

The ExtremiFix Midsize I Large system offers an exclusive reduction tool for use with headless screws. The reduction tool allows for controlled compression and countersinking of headless screws using a lag technique. This feature maximizes gap reduction while minimizing hardware prominence and soft tissue irritation with the use of a headless screw.


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