OsteoMed's unique three-piece implant system designed for the reconstruction of the 1st MTP, resulting from osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, traumatic arthritis or revision of previous arthroplasty. The cone in cone implant design provides the ReFlexion system with inherent geometric stability and secures bone to implant seating. The implant is placed using a reaming technique that increases the cortical wall interface. Resulting in The ReFlexion System is predictable and effective.

  • Provides over 25 sizing combinations to ensure optimal fit
  • Ideal for revisions
  • Predictable and reproducible technique
  • Maximizes implant to cortical wall interface
  • BSSO plates are designed to cover the full range of advance ments
  • 2.0mm screws for bi-cortical and mono-cortical applications
Complementary Products
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